How to Find Whose number is This Calling Me? (Final Answer)

Who is Calling Me from an Unknown Number, How to Find out an Unknown Caller Number, How do i Find out Who a Mobile Number Belongs to, Find out Whose Phone Number This is,

How to Find Whose number is This Calling Me: Today there is an unimaginable phone and landlines numbers and, therefore, it is not strange that you get a call or a message, from a number that you do not have saved on your phone and do not know who the owners are.

The majority of that type of calls comes from telemarketing companies, which pretend to sell products that you have not requested and that probably do not interest you.

So when you see an unknown or hidden number on the screen of your smartphones, prefer not to answer the call so as not to bother with the suggestions of an operator who intends to sell you any product at all costs. The question is How to Find Whose number is This Calling Me, the answer is in some of the following applications and online platforms.

If you ask yourself this question, read this Tutorial from Tutorial Success in which I will explain the details to get to know Whose number is This Calling Me.

Who is Calling Me from an Unknown Number, How to Find out an Unknown Caller Number, How do i Find out Who a Mobile Number Belongs to, Find out Whose Phone Number This is,
How to Find Whose number is This Calling Me

Smartphone Applications:

1. TelTech:

Available both for Android and for iOS, the application developed by TelTech, a company from New Jersey, United States, is one of the options. It’s about TrapCall. The download of the application is free, but to enjoy the service of caller ID you must pay five dollars a month.

When receiving a call from a hidden number, it is rejected by pressing the lock button twice and immediately the application sends you a text message with the number of the called telephone and will inform if that number is linked to any address. It also offers a blacklist for unwanted numbers.

2. TrueCaller:

The second application to recommend in this field is TrueCaller. Available both for Android and for iOS, as well as for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone, in its free form. Discover who is calling you with this application created by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB, has more than 85 million users worldwide and works in relation to a database of millions of previously identified telephone numbers. After recognizing them allows you to block them to avoid future unwanted calls.

3. Contactive:

It is also recommended Contactive, a free application created by the Spanish Iñaki Berenguer, who founded the startup Klink in 2013, which was recently purchased by the British company Thinking Phone. It can reveal more than 600 million numbers, it serves to identify hidden numbers by automating and speeding up a search that could be done by any user, but it would take a long time to do it until the number is found, Contactive does the search in seconds.

4. TrapCall:

It is a paid app (4.40 euros/month) that is available for both Android and iOS phones. When rejecting a call with a hidden number, this tool automatically sends us a message with information about the real number and its identity.


5. Whoscall:

In addition to having an online number search engine, Whoscall has an Android, iOS and Windows Phone version that finds out the identity of the caller. It offers instant public information through its database with more than 700 million numbers. In addition, it has accumulated more than 20 million downloads worldwide.

6. Track Caller Location:

Another useful application to identify calls is Track Caller Location. It belongs to the software company Smartlogic, which is based in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Since October 2014, the application can be downloaded for free and it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet to use the application. With Track Caller Location you discover who calls you and in addition to the functions of the applications that have been mentioned above, it allows the possibility of identifying the location of the caller, as long as the user is using a cell phone with GSM connectivity.

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7. Whos Calling:

This is the name given to the app for Android phones, although there is also a version called “Whos Calling Me” that works for iOS devices. It is a tool very similar to Truecaller but also includes data of WhatsApp numbers that we don’t have added to our contacts.

Now you will see some other tips and online platforms that can also help you to know who is calling you.

So, these are the 7 apps to know Whose number is This Calling Me.

Now come to the Online platforms to know Whose number is This Calling Me.

Online Websites:


On the Internet, there are numerous free websites that allow you to discover who is behind an unknown phone, although they do not work to reveal the identity of a hidden number.

Even so, they can be very helpful, so we advise you to use tools like Anywho, WhitePages, Reverse Phone Check, Phone Lumber or ListaSpam. In all of them, you just have to enter the full phone number including the area code. Once this is done, click on the “Find” or “Search” tab and the web itself will open a new tab with information related to that particular phone number.

You can also find out which operator is a number (whether mobile, landline, 902, 806, etc.) on pages such as PeopleCall.

Ways to Avoid Unwanted or Hidden Calls:

With some assiduity, it is not enough to ignore the calls of a number that you have already identified as “unwanted”. If this comes from a company that wants to present you with an offer or a scammer, the chances are that they will try to contact you again, insisting so much that they can even cause you great annoyances, being very common to read in various Internet areas complaints of all type that describe how they do not stop calling from an unknown number even at ungodly hours. Therefore, to avoid being bothered more than necessary, we want to present some tricks that can help you avoid unwanted calls.

First, most smartphones and most modern phones give you the ability to block different numbers, so they can not contact you if they try to call you again. Depending on the model of your phone, this process will be done in one way or another, but if you make your phone memorize a certain number as unwanted or blocked, your device will not call you again, avoiding being disturbed even if they keep trying to call you.


Second, there are also various applications that prevent you from receiving calls, messages or WhatsApp from contacts or selected numbers. Given the increasing need for the public to block unwanted calls, new applications of this type appear every day that offer new and useful features.

The most famous and effective of them are NQ Call Blocker, Mr. Number, and Call Control, although there are many more, and with any of them, you can get a certain number never bother you again.

Finally, you can include your number in the so-called ” Robinson list “, which in theory should prevent companies and organizations with which you do not have a contractual or commercial relationship from calling you to promote their products or offer their services.

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However, the Robinson list does not apply to those companies with which you have contracted a service, even if you do not agree with their promotion policy, so they can continue to call you despite your inclusion in that list.

In these cases, you can call the commercial department of those companies with which you have a relationship and tell them that you do not want to receive any promotional call from them.

However, at present illegitimate intrusions can come through many other channels. Therefore, there are also more applications every time to find out who is spying on you through other applications.


Applications to know Who is Spying on You?

We live in an era in which technologies allow us to do many things, and as always, there are people who do not use these possibilities for a good purpose.

The development of internet and applications has caused that increasingly, our data are exposed to the intrusions of third parties, especially those people who either have no scruples or do not know where is the limit of morality or respect for privacy.

These are the subjects who usually use applications to spy on WhatsApp or similar apps. However, in the same way that the trap is made, there are already those who fight the cheaters.

That is, there are also many applications that serve to know who is spying on WhatsApp or similar apps. Some of them are WhatsApp Plus or Super Applock. The first one is exclusive for WhatsApp while the second one is also for other apps.

Super Applock is one of the best apps in this regard and can be easily downloaded on Google Play. Install and configure it is also very simple, you just have to mark those applications you want to protect and enter a username and password.

From that moment, the app will detect every time a number is trying to access your WhatsApp conversations. And even more, if the other person tries to access three times by entering wrong name and password, the app will take a picture and you can see the face of the person who was trying to spy on us.

Now come to the final tips.

When to go to the Police for Receiving Calls from Unknown Phones:

If you receive calls and very recurrent messages from numbers that you do not know again and again it is time to inform the police. Of course, if these messages or calls contain threats, it is also necessary to go to the police, since in both cases our rights are being violated.

When reporting this number to the police, a file will be opened in which there will be access to telephone records and they will be able to detect who it is and act accordingly.

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